Fikelela reaching out during 16 Days of Activism 25th November – 10th December 2021

In partnership with our Parishes and their surrounding communities Fikelela continues to be a vehicle of hope. Despite the restrictions on our site visits the Fikelela team were able to celebrate and commemorate World Aids Day differently this year.

Our monthly support groups were very pleased when we shared that we would love to do individual group ceremonies. Lighting a candle of hope with a message of inspiration and also touching on the importance of self –care.

The liturgy received from Dr Miranda Pillay pause, pray and pledge together with the 16 day bible study programmes, unite in activism no violence against woman were shared with the groups to enable them to be strengthened and empowered during 16 days of activism. If you would like these resources please do make contact with the office.

Each client was blessed with either a food parcel or a food voucher and two toiletry items. These are donations received from St Andrews Newlands, St Thomas Rondebosch and the City of Cape Town.

As our groups close for the year 2021 we request for your prayers for the ongoing health and well-being of our clients for God’s protection over their lives and their families and for them to keep safe.

Total number of clients supported by Fikelela are close to 250 per month we pray for your ongoing support of the project and to connect with us. Please let us know if there is anything that we can assist your Parish with.

Covid 19 and HIV and AIDS has shown us that by not addressing inequalities it does impact billions of lives and this is one of the reasons why as a Church we need to respond accordingly. On a weekly basis 5000 young woman between the ages of 15-24 become infected with HIV. In Sub Saharan Africa woman and girls account for 63% of all new infections in 2020. A total of 1.5 million people were newly infected with HIV in 2020.

Statistics are shared to once again highlight the vulnerability of woman and girls. Let us together hold hands and be the hands and feet of Jesus to bring about healing and wholeness.

During this period of 16 days gather friends and family and try to assist us with care packs for the victim friendly rooms at the Police station. We will collect packs and make the necessary arrangements with who to contact and where to take the packs too. 1 tooth brush, tube of toothpaste, 1 hand towel1 body wash/soap l roll-on, body cream, washing powder and 1 pack of instant soup. Place into a clear plastic and tie with a ribbon or elastic band.

On World Aids Day 1 December we had the following engagements a Celebratory service at St Andrews Steenberg, handing over of food vouchers and a candle lighting ceremony with the clients at Zolani Centre Nyanga, and hand over of vouchers to St Mary Magdalene Guguletu. One of the most memorable activities for the day was Fr Ishaya Anthony of St Francis Khayelitsha engaging with the children at Fikelela child and youth care centre Khayelitsha. He taught them about Jesus being our light and our salvation and he taught the children a song that he learnt as a young child in Sunday-school heads , shoulders, knees and toes, head, shoulders, knees and toes, head shoulders, knees and toes and they all belong to Jesus. The children loved this activity with him he then went and sat in-between them on the mat and it was such a majestic moment like looking at Jesus as he sat amongst the children. Charmaine Liddle our Chair-person for the Steering Committee representing the Social Development Department for the Diocese of False Bay blessed the children with party packs and ice-creams. The squeals of delight when the children heard that their 11 o’ clock snack was going to be party packs and ice – cream.

Father Ishaya led the children in a song as we prepared to pray – let us pray, let us pray, bring our hands together, bring our hands together, close our eyes, close our eyes, let us pray. In a short space of time the children were taught two new actions which delighted them and brought about so much laughter and joy. One of our boys started praying the Our Father in isiXhosa and we were all so proud of him the confidence displayed and a child who is usually not very vocal at the centre.

Father Ishaya knelt down in front of the table and started praying for the work of Fikelela, for new donors and for much needed funding for the project. He earnestly prayed and asked God to send people who wants to connect and make a difference in the lives of the children and all the work that we do.

Our World Aids Day ended with Fikelela receiving good news from Community Chest as a faith based HIV Organization they congratulated us for the work that we do and awarded us with a Social Investment Award and a grant of R50 000-00. The certificate reads Fikelela in recognition of your tireless efforts and valuable role in building the foundation for a better South Africa, we thank you for helping to create a community of empowered citizens. We passed their due diligence test all of our documents are in order as well as the governance and financial systems and for this very reason they felt honoured to award us.

We could not do this on our own we say a huge thank you to all of our Clergy, Parish Teams, volunteers , friends and family who make it possible to the ministry to continue day after day.

May the seeds that we plant be an encouragement to you and your families as we strive together to make a difference.

It starts with you.

With much love and appreciation,

Beverley Hendricks


Fikelela Aids Project