Fikelela AIDS Project & Stop Hunger Now SA celebrates World AIDS Day

Fikelela in conjunction with Stop Hunger Now celebrated World AIDS Day  at Zonnebloem Estate with a mass packaging event that saw over 12 000 meals packed for persons living with HIV. These highly nutritious meals combine rice, soy, dehydrated vegetables, flavouring and a mixture of 2-3 vitamins and minerals into a easy to store pack. The stop hunger packs will be distributed in the next 12 months to 400 adults on anti-retroviral (ARV) medication that belongs to our Positive Living support groups. 


Anglican Bishop of Table Bay as well as the Chairperson of Fikelela Garth Counsell, Councilor Suzette Little & Ronel de Wet of Nedbank package meals for World AIDS Day 2014



A night of top class entertainment

Four school bands rocked it again at this year's Fikelela Benefit Concert on 29th August 2014. Organised by Fikelela AIDS Project and St George's Cathedral, the concert raised R16,000 for Fikelela's work with children living with and affected by HIV. Our MC's Sue Wildish and Odidi Mfenyana, guided us through the programme and the four bands - Beau Soleil Junior Wind band, Bishops Orchestra, SACS High School Junior Band & SACS Big Band - entertained us with top quality music. Roll on next year!!



Annual Benefit Concert

Our Benefit Concert will be taking place this Friday coming 29th August, 2014. Please come and support us!!



Athlone Archdeaconary Thanksgiving Service

The Archdeaconry thanksgiving service will be taking place on the 21st September 2014 at Athlone Civic Centre at 10h00am. The theme this year is "God's Creation". Please feel free to join us! 


Fikelela invites you, your family and friends to our AGM

Our AGM will be taking place next week  the 28th August at St John's Anglican Church, 201 Belgravia Road, Crawford. We will be starting at 7pm. Please do bless us with your presence!! 



Love Packs Report St Andrews Newlands - Rob Coombe

"Our wonderful Love Pack team of energetic parishioners has packed 980 food parcels and 60 health packs so far this year! Wow! Such a huge thank you to everyone involved - it is always a joyous morning spent in fellowship and community service. Most of the food parcels together the health packs go to Fikelela Aids Project, while 20 per month is going to Safeline. The funding of the program is made possible through MTN. One food parcel cost R90.

Everyone is welcome to join us on he first Saturday of the month at 10am, the packing takes only an hour. please give it a try - 'many hands make light work'. The next pack will be on the 5th July, 2014.

A Saturday Morning "Love Pack"

FIKELELA means 'reach out' in Xhosa and the "Fikelela Aids Project" is the HIV&AIDS outreach program of the Anglican Diocese of Cape Town, founded in 2000 with the vision of providing an active Christian response to HIV&AIDS pandemic in South Africa. The project's vision and mission is to mobilise the Anglican community to make a sustained positive contribution to the reduction of the number of new HIV infections and to drive HIV&AIDS education and care, in partnership with others.

This is achieved through three areas of focus:

  • Support for orphans and vulnerable children: Mainly through the running of the Fikelela Children Centre in Khayelitsha and the orphanage on the Zonnebloem Estate.
  • Support for people living with HIV&AIDS: Through the HIV&AIDS Task Teams in our churches and support groups in various parishes that offer a safe space for adults living with HIV. The parish task teams co-ordinate the activities of their church to raise awareness of the ongoing challanges presented by HIV&AIDS, where millions of new infections and deaths still occur each year. At St Andrews this work is largely focused on our Love Pack food parcel program, which has been running for more than 10 years and enables Fikelela's field workers to provide the support group members with a much needed food parcel each month, as well as health packs in certain instances.
  • Prevention work: Through various educational initiatives aimed at the youth in our communities.

During May I had the great pleasure to participate in Fikelela's Candlelight Memorial Service at the Zonnebloem Chapel, which was very beautiful and moving service attended by support groups and task teams.

The Fikelela team at the Candlelight Memorial Service

In the words of Beverley Hendricks the Program Manager of Fikelela. "Lets look at how we can together make a more concerted effort to address the HIV pandemic. Please join hands with us and embrace the reality that there are families who are hurting due to HIV&AIDS and as a church we are compelled by the Love of Christ to make a difference out there."

Article by Rob Coombe from St ANdrews Newlands 


Annual Benefit Concert 

We will be having our annual benefit concert on the 29th August, at St Georges Cathedral. Doors will open at 18h30 and concert will commence at 19h00. The cost per ticket would be R50 for an adult and R30 per scholar. All proceeds will be for the Fikelela AIDS Project as well as the Fikelela Children Centre and  Zonnebloem Cottage. For more information please feel free to contact the Fikelela office. 

 Fikelela Benefit Ticket


 Extreme Makeover at the Fikelela Children Centre

Fikelela Children Centre was blessed with an extreme makeover which was coordinated by Newkids on the Block, funded by Woolworths Trust, and donations received by many others (information will be updated once we receive it.). Our children were whisked away Tuesday afternoon on the 20th May to the Lagoon Beach Hotel in Milnerton. Volunteers started the makeover on the 21st May and completed the work on the 23rd May. WOW is all one can say and a feeling of immense gratitude.

Bishop Christopher Gregorowski had to cut the ribbon at the event with one of the little ones. Bishop Christopher was also requested to thank all the donors on our behalf, blessed the girls side of the home and a prayer of thanksgiving for everything that we had received and for everything that was done on the girls side of the home. 

Bishop Margaret Vertue was requested to pray for the work that was done on the boys side of the home, and a prayer of thanksgiving for everything that we had received and for the work that was done. She also prayed for God's blessing on the boys side of the home. The children were pleasantly surprised at the makeover and the staff were their usual self and started singing and dancing with much thanksgiving.


Hilda - From Newkids on the block


Bishop Christopher

Bishop Margaret



 St Thomas Rondebosch and St Mary Magdalene Gugulethu 

The parish of St Mary Magdalene, the volunteers and the grannies hosted the Parish of St Thomas Rondebosch and Fikelela to a thank you tea. What a wonderful event, the Grannies used their pension money to contribute to the event and to arrange a gift to each and every person who attended the event. A true testimony of relationship building, everyone was seeing to the infected and affected we decided to focus on the "carers" the grannies.

St Mary Magdalene volunteers  

Sheila Bloomer

St Thomas ladies

Rev Reeva


St Andrews Newlands food/love parcel packing

On the 1st Saturday of every month St Andrews Newlands packs 180 food parcels for Fikelela Aids Project. A wonderful story everyone is involved, the young and the not so young, the young ones have amazing energy and they race up and down competing with each other who can pack the most packs. It takes just under ¾ of an hour to pack the parcels, then the parcels are loaded and delivered to Zonnebloem until distribution day which is on the second Thursday of every month.

Young ones packing






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who we are

Fikelela means 'reach out' in Xhosa and is the HIV&AIDS outreach programme of the Anglican Diocese of Cape Town. Fikelela was founded in 2000 with the vision of providing an active Christian response to the HIV&AIDS pandemic in South Africa.


The vision of Fikelela is to mobilise the Anglican community to make a sustained positive contribution to the reduction of the number of new HIV infections and to drive HIV&AIDS education and acre, in partnership with others 

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